Welcome to ICCAS 2023. The conference runs from Nov. 27 to Dec. 1 in KST (Korea Standard Time).
All plenary, workshop, and oral sessions are online available with Zoom.

Plenary Session
Control, Automation and Systems Perspective on Hypersonic Flight Vehicles/Missiles

Prof. Bong Wie (Iowa State University, USA)
November 28, 10:50-11:30 /3F 5A Hall

Fusing Machine Learning and Predictive Control for the Safe and Optimal Operation of Autonomous Systems

Prof. Rolf Findeisen (TU Darmstadt, Germany)
November 28, 15:00-15:50 /3F 5A Hall

Can we synthesize robot mechanisms creatively without any baseline design?

Prof. Yoon Young Kim (Seoul National University, Korea)
November 29, 10:40-11:30 /3F 5A Hall

Cyber-physical security of networked control systems

Prof. Henrik Sandberg (KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden)
November 29, 15:00-15:50 /3F 5A Hall

Modeling ionic polymer metal composites: where we are and where we should be

Prof. Maurizio Porfiri (New York University, USA)
November 30, 10:40-11:30 (Nov. 29, 20:40-21:30 EST) /3F 5A Hall

Advanced control of electric vehicles and development of wireless in-wheel motors

Prof. Hiroshi Fujimoto (The University of Tokyo, Japan)
November 30, 15:00-15:50 /3F 5A Hall

Industry-invited Session (Korean)
The present and the future of Rainbow Robotics

Jungwoo Heo (Rainbow Robotics, Korea)
November 28 (Mon), 13:20-14:00 /3F 5A Hall

Topics around High Performance but Easy-to-use Servo Drives

Sang-Hoon Lee (RS Automation, Korea)
November 28 (Mon), 14:00-14:40 /3F 5A Hall

Inertial Navigation Technology: Now and Future

Kwangjin Kim (Hanwha Corp., Korea)
November 29 (Tue), 14:20-14:00 /3F 5A Hall

Automation Trend in Manufacturing Factory

Dongbeom Lee (DN SOLUTIONS, Korea)
November 29 (Tue), 14:00-14:40 /3F 5A Hall

Upcoming trend on smart appliances with LGE’s upgradable technologies

Taein Park (H&A Company, LG Electronics Co., Ltd., Korea)
November 30 (Wed), 13:20-14:00/3F 5A Hall

Itinerary of Innovation in Suprema

Jae Won Lee (Suprema, Korea)
November 30 (Wed), 14:00-14:40 /3F 5A Hall

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